Frequently Asked Questions

What is cosmetic tattooing?

The process of implanting colour pigment beneath the surface of the skin by means of a tiny, sterile, disposable needles. Also known as permanent makeup and micro-pigmentation. This method produces the appearance of cosmetic makeup.

Why choose semi-permanent?

Semi-permanent makeup procedures use iron-oxide based inks that gently fades overtime, requiring yearly touch-ups. This gives you the option to change the shape and the colour of your brows as your facial features and personal preferences change over time. In addition, going semi-permanent provides a softer look and enhances natural beauty.

How long does it last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that generally requires maintenance every 1-2 years. However, some clients may opt for a touch-up more frequently than an annual basis. There are multiple factors that effect how quickly your brows fade such as: body chemistry (pH balance, skin type, age and iron deficiencies), colour (lighter colours like blonde fade faster), lifestyle (smoking and sun exposure without SPF), chemical exfoliants, how much pigment was initially absorbed (bleeding during the procedure can decrease colour retention), after-care (immediate and long-term), etc. As such, there are no guaranteed end results as every skin type is unique and heals/breaks down pigment differently. Personal preference of the overall appearance of your brows will also determine when you are due for a touch-up.

Does it hurt?

Pain thresholds vary from person to person*, however your comfort is our main priority and every effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the process. Prior to the procedure we apply a highly effective topical numbing cream and a secondary numbing gel is applied throughout the session to enhance the numbing effects. Many clients compare microblading to the sensation of threading, plucking multiple hairs at once or a deep scratch. 

*Avoid having the procedure done during your menstrual cycle as it may increase discomfort due to hypersensitivity of your skin.

What is the process?

The first portion of the appointment is the consultation where the brow shape is designed, taking into consideration your personal preferences and what suits your facial features. From there, a highly effective numbing cream is applied and once the skin is numb we begin the procedure. The microblading process itself involves using a hand-tool to create hair-like strokes with pigment within the designed brow shape.

Can I get the procedure done if I’m pregnant or nursing?

Unfortunately, no. We’ll be around when you’re not though!

Do you shave off my eye brows?

Haha - no we do NOT shave off your eye brows. Once we determine the brow shape that will be microbladed, excess hair outside of that shape will be removed.

How many treatments are necessary?

Everyone requires at least two appointments that are at least six weeks apart, this ensures that your skin has ample time to heal. The second session is typically reserved for perfecting the shape, rebuilding any areas that were lost during the healing process and adding density if needed. Your brows will fade 30-50% when they are healed and while some clients may prefer the natural look of the faded brows, some clients choose to go a shade darker at the touch-up for a more bold and defined look. Depending on your desired results and how your body heals, multiple sessions may be required after the complimentary touch-up. 

How long does it take to heal?

The average healing time is usually 1-2 weeks before the brows are healed,  however the skin is still delicate and in recovery mode until week 5, just before a touch-up session is required.

What should I expect after the procedure?

  • Slight swelling/redness (usually lasts about a day).

  •  Eyebrows will appear intense and dark until you begin scabbing (when the superficial color on the skin flakes off).
  • Hair strokes can fade anywhere from 30%-50%. Certain strokes may be more prominent than others at this time. Since the pigment can fade quite a bit, it may appear that no ink was retained as it scabs due to the heavy contrast against your unhealed hair strokes
  • Shape of your eyebrows may look different from immediately after the procedure once they are healed. All fine-tuning of the shape and will be made during your follow up session.

What will my brows look like when they are healed?

Results will vary from person-to-person and there are no guarantees on your final results. Every skin-type retains and breaks down the pigment differently, which may result in a softer powdery look for oily skin-types or crisp and defined hair strokes for dry skin-types. Generally, the hair strokes soften in colour and blur when they heal, resulting in a more natural appearance than immediately after the procedure.

Depending on how you healed, you may still be required to use makeup to fill in the brows or book an additional session to achieve your desired result.

Micro-blading mimics hair strokes and does not replicate the appearance of real 3D brow hairs. If you have minimal eyebrow hair, your result will appear more 2D and soft and powdery compared to those with naturally fuller brows.

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